Now imagine having Nene Leakes on your iPhone/Apple laptop.

*BAM* Hip thrust


weekend is for sitting around watching movies and laying on the couch, like I do on weekdays, but without the added guilt or anxiety. Whats clubbing? Whats a night-life? Swedish Idol? I’m familiar…

Arrested Development

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From the Drive soundtrack. Ryan OMGosling’s performance in the film was good? Yeah big question mark. Is it hard to deliver, at tops, 10 lines for 1hr 30min movie? Still I give it a 9/10. Watch it!


doesn’t love free stuff? I am the king of getting things for free or if not for free then for a damn good bargain. Today C, M and I met up to watch Drive with Ryan OMGosling. Thoughts? It was different, really different, little dialogue, great soundtrack and brutally grotesque scenes. A great mix.

Now the movie ends and C and M think they’re going home but I had other plans. I lead them straight into the movie screen next door, where In Time with Justin TimberLame was about to start. In Sweden, no one’s at the cinema on weeknights so that meant no risk. Thoughts? I am glad I didn’t pay for that shiiit. Great concept with the whole time thang, but execution… Cheesier than a homeless man’s uncircumcised **** Yeah, that awakened all five of your senses didnt it?

When I’m home alone there’s always one random song that plays on repeat in my head and when that happens, its only natural to belt it out. All. Day. Long. I apologize to my neighbors…and my plants.

429 plays

Amos Lee - Sweet Pea

A current favorite. BTW, no one’s pa-whatwhat looks that round…right?

Like the lady-boss I am.

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